Kia Shows Off Pop, Mini EV Concept

There isn't much information out there yet, but what little we do know sounds very exciting. What's all the fuss about? Well, Kia Motors has introduced heir all new and very secret Pop EV Concept to the web.

The Kia Pop is a small, two door Smartcar-like electric vehicle. With The Paris Motor Show little more than a month away, Kia has released photos of this new concept, which it will put on display. The Pop shows a type of outrageous design that draws a crowd, but chances of this design entering production is probably slim.

The Kia…
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Kia Starts New Hamster Ad Campaign

The Kia Hamsters first appeared on TV during the 2009 Super Bowl, in a cute TV commercial for the all new Kia Soul. Now, the hamsters are back, and Kia has toughened up the image of these furry little Kia Soul driving creatures.

Kia has already labeled their little hatchback loving hamsters as, "The next big internet star," and is forming a contest around them and the latest music video/commercial.

The contest coincides with the Black Sheep music video campaign for the Kia Soul, in which hip hop hamsters sing "You can get with this, or you can get…
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Kia Grows Almost 50% by Mid-year

Kia Motors is having an excellent year so far. The Korean auto maker has increased sales almost 50% from the previous year's sales figures. In Quarter 2, Kia sales were up 61% from the second quarter in 2009.

Kia Motors Corporation announced its global sales growth of 49.2% in the first half of 2010. This was based on shipment volume of 990,000 units.

Export market sales, along with domestic sales, increased significantly due to the continuous launch of new models onto the global marketplace, including the Kia Cadenza, Forte Cerato and all-new Sorento in the US.

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