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ALG's 36-Month Residual Value Index places the 2012 Kia Sorento at the Top

Here at Beaverton Kia, we are having a hard time keeping up with all of the reasons why we love the Kia Sorento. And, just when we thought that we were overloaded with reasons to love the Sorento, Kia throws another reason at us with the announcement that the Sorento recently made an incredible 10-point jump in ALG's 36-Month Residual Value Index. Basically, this jump in ALG's index means that the Sorento now…

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Kia Proves They are a Major Player in the U.S. as They Prepare to Increase Production

Make no mistake about it: Kia is here to stay, and their Presence here in the United States is only getting stronger. Just ask anyone here at Beaverton Kia. Or, if you need any further proof of this notion, consider the fact that the Korean automaker is now planning to increase production at their factory in West Point, Georgia. More specifically, this expansion would result in an increase in production of around 20 percent.


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