The Kia Sportage is Turning Heads Everyday

Updates to the 2011 Kia Sportage cannot go unnoticed. This newly redesigned crossover is a near perfect blend of everything that the car-buying public could ask for. It is powerful, yet fuel efficient. It is safe, yet edgy. And most importantly, it is reliable, carrying Kia's unparalleled warranty program.

The Sportage continues to wow critics and car-buyers alike. Take for instance AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award. To determine the winner of this unique award…

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Kia Will Debut its First Hybrid Model in the U.S.

Toyota may be facing some tough competition soon as Kia launches their first hybrid vehicle here in the United States. As the Kia Optima Hybrid begins showing up at dealerships across the country, many are speculating that the Korean automaker could be bringing more to the table than its mainstream competition. The bottom line here is that while Kia may be late to the game with their first hybrid vehicle, it is most certainly worth…

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