Roll Out the Red Carpet in Your Driveway for the K900

Luxury is not only for the celebrities. In fact, we here at Beaverton Kia believe that the harder you work, the more entitled you are to a little luxury in your life. A luxury sedan not only makes the ride from home to work more comfortable, but it becomes the sanctuary your mind has been craving, that moment of tranquility amidst the chaos that is every day. So tune out and get in to the…

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Kia Creates a Beervan for SEMA

When you think of the cars at SEMA the first thing that generally pops into your head is a tricked out race car. Many auto makers show off their vehicles by making them as sleek and fast as possible. If you had told us that Kia was going to bring a Sedona to SEMA a few months ago we would have laughed and insisted that they would bring the K900. We would have been wrong…

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