Parents names the Kia Sedona one of the ten best family cars of 2019.

April 5th, 2019 by

With high-tech performance, safety, and convenience features available at all price levels, it’s easier than ever to choose a car that’s built for your family’s needs.

Thirty cars tested. Ninety car seats installed. Three hundred plus cupholders counted. Our winning models (selected from a field that aced the government’s safety tests) deliver enough muscle to effortlessly carry your squad – and all their stuff – for years to come.

The Best Minivans

Kia Sedona

This budget-friendly buy ($27,200+) got a makeover for 2019. A restyled bumper, cooler-looking headlights, and redesigned doors fight the mom-mobile stigma. It’s practical too: The seat fabrics are now stain-resistant, perfect for spilled juice and other, shall we say, liquids. The new eight-speed transmission gives the car as much power as its higher-priced counterparts. “Most families should be able to comfortably fit four to five child-safety seats in the Sedona,” says child-passenger safety technician Abbie Patterson, owner of Super Car Seat Geek. “Some of the narrower seats may even provide the option of having three seats across the center row.”

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